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On Our Way To Uganda!

As we go on this trip, you will be receiving blog updates and photos of everyone to keep you all up to date on this new experience that we are having. Just to reintroduce the team real quick, it is Jeremiah, Ty, Andrew, Philip, and Katlynn (me) that are on this plane right now headed to be with God’s people in Uganda.

So as we arrived at the airport this afternoon, everything seemed to be going well. We all:

  • Arrived at a decent time
  • Had our tickets
  • Had our passports

Great! We did our job. Next stop: Uganda.


It didn’t quite happen as smoothly as we anticipated. Our first issue was that we had a bit too much luggage. After weighing our bags, switching around items into other bags to meet the weight requirement, then switching them around some more because of an extra pound or two, then back to the scales, we finally met all the weight requirements! Next, we went to check our perfectly weighed luggage to find out that we had one bag too many. After paying a few extra bucks to add a bag, we got that issue resolved. Yay! After our luggage was checked in, we realized that one of our laptop’s charger was in the checked luggage, and the other laptop decided it wanted to update for two hours. Though we needed to send out this blog with airport wifi, do some budgeting for the trip, and send some final emails, we kind of just pushed this issue aside. We knew it wasn’t the biggest deal so we decided that we would figure it out on the plane once the laptop was finished updating. No biggie.

But then, to top it all off, the ladies checking our tickets gave us some lovely news: Philip’s seat on the plane had been suspended. We didn’t know why or how it happened or what to do to change it back to normal. All we knew was that Philip did not have a seat anymore. As a team, we all prayed that God would fix this situation and make sure that Philip could get on that plane with us. Within no time, our prayers were answered and his seat was available again. I was amazed at how quickly God worked to solve this issue. What Jesus says about our Father is true! We asked and the door, or rather the seat, was opened (Matthew 7:7).


Though our adventure at the airport was nowhere near smooth, I wouldn’t change a thing about it. Because as a team we learned a lot. Now we know issues will occur, but as a team we can recognize the issues and know prayer is the key. We saw Him fix all these issues because God wants us to be in Uganda. He will do everything to make sure we get there.

So please follow along with us and keep reading to see what God does next. We all are  going to Uganda to see God work through us so we can help others see Him too, and within our group, we already witnessed Him and His powerful hands working for us before we even stepped foot on the plane. We thank God for His help and for the opportunity for us to even be here. We’re so grateful, ready, and willing to experience Ugandans and to be there with them, loving them as God does.


by Katlynn Menees