Hospice Jinja


Founded in 2005 Hospice Jinja has provided a home based palliative care model to the 4.5 million people in the Busoga region. 

Management of cancer patients in Jinja hospital is through an integrated approach whereby the palliative care unit is run as an outpatient department and internal consulations for palliative care on the wards are carried out.

Patients with palliative care needs are discharged so that the palliative care can ensure follow up.

Challenges experienced by Jinja Hospital:

  1. Diagnosis delays because hospital lacks facilities.
  2. Biopsy specimens being sent to Mulago pathology department for confirmation of diagnosis often leads to delayed results, when patients have lost hope. 
  3. Loss of patients to follow up before and after diagnosis. 
  4. Few palliative care specialists who are not even full time.
  5. Burn-out of the limited staff
  6. Lack of medicine
  7. Poor documentation of cancer patients and even funding to support follow up activities. All of these challenges leave palliative care management wanting in the region.

The all volunteer staff consists of three nurses: one with palliative care qualification, one social worker, and two staff in management / administration.

Our input as primary care doctors with a wide experience in palliative care is to support, encourage and empower them as the service is nurse led.


Our Medical Supplies Your donations make it possible to purchase and acquire supplies in Uganda in Jinja.