Hospice Tororo


Hospice Tororo started in January 2012 with palliative care services at home, in the communities and in hospitals in the Eastern region of Uganda. We also offer end-of-life education and training to both health professionals and community workers. Hospice Tororo is as NGO registered in Uganda.

Hospice Tororo provides, for patients with life-limiting diseases, such as AIDS and Cancer and their relatives, palliative care. In our palliative care services we provide medical care, counselling, psycho-social support and spiritual care. Our aim is to improve the quality of life of our patients and to give them a worthy end of their life. To provide the total care our patients need, we collaborate with many public organizations and the Ugandan government.

The team of Hospice Tororo listens, nurses and cares for the patients and their relatives. We care without differentiating in gender, age, and ethnicity, social and religious background. We are there for all patients in need, because every life counts!


In Tororo - Esther visits with a patient in Tororo.