Our Story & Vision

Compassion transforms lives.


Sovereign Wings of Hope (SWOH) is an interdenominational not-for-profit organization, founded in 1982 as a way to minister to vulnerable youth in Uganda. In the beginning, Rev. Daniel Situka and his wife Joy sought to help those who had been impacted during the years of President Idi Amin's rule.

Since then, Daniel went on to work as Chaplain of VITAS Hospice Care and Joy as a home health care nurse. In 2004, Daniel's mother passed away in Jinja, Uganda with cancer, without receiving any palliative care. Afterwards, he discovered that over four million people in the Jinja region did not have access to hospice services.

In 2012, Wings of Hope Primary School was founded. The Academy was originally a home to orphans, but was facing threats of being closed down. In December 2013, SWOH acquired the school and it became Wings of Hope Christian Academy. The school now consists of over 700 students, 200 of them orphans, and many whose parents received care from our hospice services. Providing a full circle approach to the problem of hospice care in Uganda is important because otherwise, when patients leave this world, their children are left behind to fend for themselves.


The Situka's expanded SWOH's mission to become a service provider that is the only organization ensuring that Eastern Ugandans and their families will have access to palliative care and break the cycle of poverty in at risk communities. Our Christian hospice professionals are keen on utilizing their skills and resources to minister to impoverished communities who are unable to change their circumstances. Our teachers instruct education and life-long lessons to encourage their at-risk youth.

SWOH focuses on Matthew 25:34-40 and Acts 1:8 to guide us in engaging the culture and enriching Ugandan communities and equipping young adults and professionals to emerge as the true change the world needs!


Jeremiah Situka
President of Global Operations