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Our ultimate objective is to help transform the Ugandan community by developing youth, providing health education and care, and also by mobilizing resources for activities.

One of the most important roles the Ministry plays is to provide palliative care to numerous families that do not have access to Hospice services. To date, SWOH is the only entity in Eastern Uganda offering counseling, medical services and supplies that families need under these difficult circumstances. 

Because many of these families are mostly poor, we also mobilize international volunteers from around the world; their fundamental mission is to bring dignity to those that seem to have nothing left towards the end of life.


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Hospice Care.
Caring for loved ones.

Starting in 2004 serving only 20 patients and family members, SWOH’s two hospice clinics are the largest and most cost effective palliative care programs in Eastern Uganda and care for over 1700 patients and family members.