Missions / CTP


For 3 weeks this summer, students from across the USA will participate in our yearly missions program called Community Transformation Projects.  More information →

Hospice Program


To deliver the care for our 1700 patients and family members across a 200-mile radius in Eastern Uganda. More information →


Wings of Hope Christian Academy


The Sovereign Wings of Hope Christian Academy was originally a Christian Academy that housed orphans. After growing to over 750 kids, Sovereign Wings of Hope Ministries acquired the school in order to help them financially not turn over but continue to pursue education. More information →

ARK (At Risk Kids) Sponsorship


Our social worker identified 200 students at Wings of Hope Christian Academy who are below or on the poverty line. Providing a full circle approach to the problem of hospice care is important because otherwise, when patients leave this world, their children are left behind to fend for themselves. More information →


Your Gift Matters!

First, we want to thank you for your consideration. With hundreds of thousands of organizations committed to humanitarian aid in Uganda, we are blessed you want to partner with us.

What makes us unique is our ministry was founded over 35 years ago by Ugandans, Rev. Daniel and Joy Situka, who still work alongside leadership today.

We care for several communities in Eastern Uganda. We were the first and only major hospice service in Eastern Uganda (6.5 million people) and care for 1,000 patients and family members a month. We chartered a school in at risk community and deliver quality affordable education for over 750 children in Uganda. We plan outreaches, development projects, and build church communities through our mission trips. All in all, we minister to approximately 1,700 people per month and we thank you for your gift.