Hospice Care

Hospice Jinja  - Reaching those in the community of  Jinja

Hospice Jinja - Reaching those in the community of Jinja


Those who are the happiest are those who do the most for others.
-Booker T. Washington

Hospice Jinja

Hospice Tororo

Our Mission

The Sovereign Wings of Hope mission is to offer affordable humanitarian and spiritual hospice/palliative care services to those in need of them.

With over 35 million people, Uganda is an East African country with a population growth of 3.5% per year - projected to double by 2020. Therefore, there are an increasing number of people in the rural areas that lack access to adequate health care. Almost 60% of Ugandans never see a health worker in their lifetime and less than 1% of HIV/AIDS patients can access anti-retroviral therapy. Less than 5% of cancer patients can access chemotherapy and radiotherapy. 

SWOH is committed to enhancing and assessing such information that eases the burden of pain, dying, and death.

We are a home-based organization who renders spiritual and humanitarian services through programs that provide, educate, enhance and promote palliative care in Uganda.

Our services cater to HIV/AIDS, cancer and other terminal patients within the 100 square miles of Jinja District and adjacent Tororo District.


Our Objectives


To enhance palliative care education for health and allied professionals within Busoga region through sensitization workshops, seminars and collaboration.


To promote and engage in a cross-cultural exchange of information on end-of-life care issues.


To have a close collaboration with other palliative and hospice care organs in Uganda and worldwide in the effort of caring for the terminally ill persons. 


To provide a palliative and end-of-life care service to patients with life threatening illnesses and their families.