CTP 2015 - We're Here!

We made it to Uganda!

After a several leg journey, including a 15 hour overnight layover in Dubai, we arrived in Jinja, Uganda. The Jinja district is where Sovereign Wings of Hope has its largest presence and will be our home base for most of the trip. We are exhausted! When we opened the door to our room in the Guest House, I first noticed mosquito nets over the two beds. I’ve heard of mosquito nets and know they are lifesavers (literally!), but I’ve never slept beneath one. We three girls – Esther, Katie, and myself – are staying in one room, and Jeremiah is down the hall. This is a fairly new Guest House. Our rooms each have a bathroom, windows, and a patio overlooking a small field of maize across the road.

It’s about 7:30PM now and we are off to meet Rinty Kintu, Coordinator of Hospice Jinja and Wings of Hope Christian Academy, at a restaurant called All Friends. I hear they have pizza and hamburgers on the menu!

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