Jeremiah Situka

Team Goal: $21,000
$18,535 Raised
35 Donors

It’s been nearly one year since becoming President of Global Operations for Sovereign Wings of Hope and I cannot believe the great impact God has done. I’d love to briefly share what God’s doing in my life and how I will be leading another missions team in mid June. We will be in Uganda for about three weeks and our goal is to continue building the church planting network where we have done 39+ years of mercy ministry. Before I tell you more, let me share some of my past and current experiences.

A History of Hope

39+ years ago my parents, Rev. Daniel and Joy Situka, started SWOH as compassion ministry during a time of persecution and genocide, led by President Idi Amin, in Uganda. The nations infrastructure and people’s hope broke. SWOH focused on outreaches, young adult education, delivering medical aid, and sharing Christ. While Uganda has recovered in many ways, currently it is still a developing nation in need of hope. Only 1 out of 4 children graduate from 8th grade. Nearly 60% of the 35 million people in Uganda never see a health worker in their lifetime. It is estimated, over 3.2 million people and their families require end of life care (hospice care).

Over the decades, the ministry and my involvement with the ministry grew to meet these needs. I was on the ground when my parents founded the first hospice in Eastern Uganda. I led the redesign of SWOH’s short-term missions program which resulted in 6 new believers in Christ and increasing our hospice reach to caring for 50 more patients a month. SWOH soon pioneered a school ministry, in a predominately Muslim and undeveloped community, that now serves 500 children and 200 orphans. Last year we trained 80 pastors in the community. The ministry has grown to reach over 1,900 patients, family members, and children per a month across a network of 200 miles. Praise God, hope is being restored!

My Hopeful Calling

And yet there is still so much to do! There is a stigma in Uganda that religious-based institutions do not care for the whole person and the growing rural Muslim community is not reaching the sick and marginalized in the area. God is leading SWOH to bring hope! This missions trip is year 2 out of a 5-year plan, with the goals of: purchasing the land our school is on to build a larger church and training center on the grounds, develop our community clinic housed at the school, pioneer a church planting network, and extend care and pray for hospice patients in our 200 mile radius. We will continue partnering with Dr. John Crimmins of Global Pastors Training to develop pastors in Uganda.

Hope with Us

The total budget of the 2019 project is $21,000. Currently my team is projecting to raise 70% by June 25th, the due date of all funds. While any gift is appreciated, would you consider a one time donation $500? For those willing to pray, our prayer partners will receive frequent “on the ground” updates as we do this work.

If you feel led to give, you can donate via the form below or mail a check to Sovereign Wings of Hope at P.O. Box 218432, Houston, TX 77218. I would appreciate prayers for wisdom, personal health, and safe travels as I lead this team.