Katlynn Menees

Team Goal: $20,000
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Hey guys!

A ton of things have changed in my life fairly recently and I’d love to tell you about them and about the trip I’m going on this summer! I’m  going to serve in eastern Uganda with a nonprofit organization called Sovereign Wings of Hope (SWOH) in mid July and we will be there for about three weeks. Before I tell you about that, I’d like to share some of my past and current experiences.

I grew up in church and I always believed that there was a God and that Jesus died on a cross for us. I heard stories and sometimes listened. At times, I would get interested and want to know more, but was too shy and scared to ask questions and I never actually felt like it was real, even though I believed it. I felt like it was something I believed just because I was told it was true. But as I got older and spent time with people that I shouldn’t have spent so much time with, I realized that I needed to do something with my life other than worship the guy I liked. I dealt a lot with idolatry and I had so many other things happen that I didn’t know how to juggle it all. I was too scared to ask someone for help and I figured everything would work itself out if I went to church. Everything did work itself out, but it didn’t happen at church. I actually didn’t even go at first, but it was like my heart cried out to God and He just put all the right people in my path. These awesome people I met introduced me to SWOH and I later became the administrative assistant for them!

I recommit my life to Christ soon after that, started going to church, and now everything has gotten so much better. There are obviously daily struggles, but this time around I know I’m not alone and I feel God’s love changing me as I leave my old life behind. God showed me that I had hit a really low point in my life with the devil and now I’m at a much better, happier, and productive point in my life with Christ, who loves me and leads me.

I hope that people in Uganda know that God is there for them the way He is for me. As we go on this trip we’ll be with hospice patients and their families. We will also be visiting children at Wings of Hope Christian Academy, a school that SWOH built, that has given orphans a home and many kids around the area an education. Our overall goal of this trip is to clear the land for a church to be planted in Jinja and serve the poor in the city in order to expand our hospice reach. We will get to experience a whole new way of life on this trip and I’m so excited to experience it and be there with them. I hope that they can have a life that they feel is worth living and know that God has their backs like he had mine.

The total cost of the trip is $3800 per person. This includes, airfare (round trip), room and board, and project expenses.

I would really appreciate prayers as we go on this trip for my team and myself as well.

Thank you so much!