2018 CTP Team

Andrew Menees

Team Goal: $20,000
$17,544 Raised
73 Donors

Life for me has changed over the past year in ways I never expected. God has introduced me to new places and people and along with that, a calling. Through His word, people around me, and also just my own desires, He’s lead me to global mission. For right now, specifically to serve in Uganda this summer with a non-profit organization called Sovereign Wings of Hope, or SWOH. A lot of thought and prayer has lead up to this decision and I feel it’s important to talk a little bit about that before I dive in to what the trip will be and what this letter is really about.

One of the ways I’m able to identify points in my life where my faith has changed and grown deeper, is by people. I’ve met amazing people, and I was blessed with an amazing family that has laid foundations of Christ for me ever since I was a baby, but recently I’ve met a handful of people who I know God has placed in my life to reveal this new calling to me. I am so influenced by those around me and I got so sick of the people who were bad influences, even though I love them, I had to find new friends who were living daily for God. The moment I did that, I found myself opening up more to God in other ways and suddenly feeling like I’m seeing something I never saw before.

And besides just people, God’s given me a hunger for His word and it’s speaking to me in ways I never would’ve noticed. Specifically, a few months ago I was studying Nehemiah, and I was listening to a podcast of a sermon that my preacher gave on it. As I was listening, he pointed out a verse I probably never would have thought about: Nehemiah 3:8, “Uzziel, son of Harhaiah, one of the goldsmiths, repaired the next section; and Hananiah, one of the perfume-makers, made repairs next to that...” The son of a goldsmith and a perfume-maker were repairing the walls of Jerusalem. People who had no business building a wall were doing just that. They were doing something that pushed them out of their comfort zone to make them more dependent on God and to do the work He gave them to do. They did something. They did something, for the Kingdom. Always having considered myself an artist, I thought drawing was the only way God would use me, but I’m starting to see I was wrong.

I’ve also just realized I love the idea of breaking out of what’s comfortable to embrace new cultures and meet new people. The idea of seeing broken people in a broken world isn’t fun itself, but knowing God’s power and that no matter what I see, He knows them, He loves them and He can radically change their life, is exciting. I know I may never see someone come to Christ, but if God would use me to just plant a seed or water one a little, I will be happy knowing He’s got the rest taken care of.

In Uganda, we’ll be working with hospice patients, and school kids; a lot of them orphans who wouldn’t have an education, or even knowledge of Jesus, without God using organizations like SWOH to bring them the gospel. We’ll be creating relationships with these people and getting to talk to them about Jesus, along with meeting more practical needs, like helping maintain the buildings and construction and cleaning. I just want to be a part of fulfilling the great commission and love the people I will get to meet there. God’s people.

The whole reason I’m writing any of this is because I need help to go. The trip costs $3800 per team member (this includes, Airfare Round Trip, room and board for the trip, and project expenses).

As much as I need money to go on this trip, what I could really use is prayer. Prayer for myself, for the team I’m going with and for the people we encounter. That God would use this trip to change lives and that glory is brought to Him above all.

“May the lamb that was slain receive the reward for His suffering.”

Thank you!