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Team Goal: $21,000
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We’d love to tell you about our exciting summer plans!

We are going to serve in eastern Uganda with a nonprofit organization called Sovereign Wings of Hope (SWOH) for three weeks in June and July. Before we tell you about that, we’d like to share some of why we feel called to go to Uganda as a family.

As most of you know, we (Ian and Sara) grew up in church and heard the gospel both at church and at home. We both came to believe that Jesus is the Son of God and our Rescuer as children at home in conversations with our parents.

Through the ups and downs of adolescence and early adulthood, Jesus was central in each of our lives. When we married in 2004, Jesus and serving Him together were at the center of our identity as a couple. In 2011 Sara and Ian both graduated from Dallas Seminary. Since then, we have served God at church, at work and in the community in Waco, in Dallas and now in Houston.

As parents, we aim not to just talk to our kids about Jesus but to model for our children what it means to believe that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6) and worth following all our days (John 12:26). What better way to model our faith and show that Jesus came to rescue people from every tribe, nation and tongue (Revelation 7:9-10) than to take our kids across the world on a mission trip? It is our experience that children have a special way into people’s hearts, that just by being themselves they often interact cross-culturally and cross-generationally. We are excited to serve both as a family and as individual team members (even pint-sized ones) on this mission team.

What will we be doing? We will deliver spiritual care and humanitarian aid to hospice patients and their families. We will also be teaching children at Wings of Hope Primary School, a school SWOH rebuilt, to provide orphans a home and many impoverished kids around the area an education. Finally, we will conduct a conference to train current and future church pastors and leaders, who will better serve the poor in the rural areas of Uganda.

We are excited to partner with the Situka family who started this ministry over 38 years ago! When Jeremiah (SWOH President) first asked us to go to Uganda as a family, we thought, “He must be kidding,” but we thought about it for a year. In that time, we prayed and discussed what it would look like for us as parents of young children to live in a way that acknowledges Christ in the way we live out our lives – to demonstrate to ourselves and our children that Jesus is real (not just for bedtime stories and Sundays).

When we were asked again, we were ready to say, “Yes!”

Our Family Cost for the Trip: $8,500 (includes round trip airfare, room and board for the trip, transportation within Uganda and project expenses).

Say “Yes!” with us. Be a part of our support team by committing to pray for our mission team and/or by donating toward this trip. Please make donations directly through the form below or by check (to Sovereign Wings of Hope, P.O. Box 218432, Houston, TX 77218). Make sure to put Call Family Missions 2019 in the memo line.

Much Love,
The Call Family (Ian, Sara, Fiona and Rowen)